D 7 Consulting Inc. and the iPad Edge

It has been almost nine years since The Orange County Register published Ian Hamilton’s article “iPads Out on Construction Sites”.  In his story, Hamilton discussed how D 7 Consulting was leading the way in the industry by introducing iPad technology into the field.  Today, after a hugely successful trial run, the entire D 7 Consultant and Quality Assurance Observer (QAO) team has been on board for several years with iPads utilizing them on a daily bases for all things necessary from the job site.  Replacing binders, note pads, digital cameras and laptop computers, iPad technology streamlines all aspects of D 7 site visits and project meetings into one device.  Not only can the Consultants and QAOs write reports and take photographs on location at projects real-time, but they can use the cellular network and Wi-Fi to upload their data, review specifications and client information, send and receive emails, and access the internet.  When something is such a huge advantage in field, it is amazing that more companies are not following the D 7 lead for all levels of employees.