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Our Building Envelope Consulting Services

d7 service design

Designs | Drawings | Specs | Peer Reviews

D 7 provides the overall Design for Building Envelope systems such as Waterproofing, Roofing, Flashing and Air Barrier. To support the design, we will provide the details as they relate to the system and in the format required by the Architect. We provide written specifications for use in developing costs for the project as well as setting the technical requirements for all systems. In certain projects, D 7 is required to review all documents listed above prepared by another firm. This is considered a Design review or “Peer” review.
d7 service restoration

Restoration | Replacement

When working with historical or existing buildings that are being remodeled or repurposed, D 7 provides the review of the current systems and structure to determine what the overall project requirements are for the Building Envelope. Once agreed upon by the Architect/Client, we will provide the written specifications and details for the system to be used on the project.
d7 service disposition

Due Diligence - Acquisition | Disposition

When a Developer or Owner is looking to purchase property, D 7 works as part of a team of Engineers, Architects and Consultants to review and report on the Building Envelope components as to the life expectancy, annual budgetary considerations ongoing and any other maintenance or replacement aspects of the building(s) that may be deemed necessary.

When a Building Owner is selling the building, and looks to understand what they are faced with moving forward, D 7 will prepare an honest assessment of the Building Envelope components. This becomes the Disposition document used by Owners when negotiations occur with the Buyer.

d7 service construction

Construction | Project Admin.

As the Consultant working on the Design for the Owner/Architect, D 7 has the most knowledge of the Building Envelope systems being installed. D 7 will provide Review Submittals and Shop Drawings, provide Pre-Construction Meeting documentation, perform Site Review of installations, Mock-up Coordination and Review, Substrate inspections and Final Review of installations to document the completeness and quality of the installations. This work is all documented in written and photographic form and provided to the client for the records on the project.
d7 service drawings

Quality Assurance

D 7 can provide full-time Quality Assurance to monitor and document the installation of Building Envelope systems. We provide the overview of the assembly and report on any items that are not applied or constructed per the specifications and drawings. D 7 is required to provide this report to the General Contractor, Architect, Subcontractor, etc., for review and to ensure correction occurs in a timely manner. The reports are used for validation of Manufacturer’s warranties. D 7 provides all information (Report, Site Plan and Photos) daily in electronic format via the use of iPad and iCloud technology.
d7 service testing

Electronic Testing | Leak Investigation

D 7 has trained personnel to provide Electronic Leak Testing, Air and Water Infiltration Testing, using ASTM and AAMA criteria as well as Leak Investigations performed on any type of system and component of the Building Envelope. Our skilled team will perform these services on all types of projects to document and confirm the assembly as leak free or to identify leaks that may be causing damage to the interior of the building.
d7 service acquisition

Litigation Support Services

With our extensive knowledge and experience, D 7 can provide support for Litigation cases where knowledge and understanding of all roofing and waterproofing systems, including sheet metal and membrane flashings, drainage components, insulation, code requirements and installation practices matter the most. There is no grey area, only black and white; this is the key to our approach and in developing a sound basis of fact as an expert in our field of practice.