Advantages of Electronic Testing (EVM) for Watertightness

Acquistare cialis generico in farmacia, acquisto cialis farmacia italiana Electronic Testing, also referred to as Electronic Vector Mapping (EVM), is an effective and reliable method for troubleshooting Waterproofing Membranes.  D 7 CONSULTING INC. regularly performs Electronic Testing for our clients who recognize the many advantages versus flood testing, which include:

  1. Electronic Testing is non-destructive
  2. Both pinhole & large leaks are detected quickly & accurately
  3. Leaks can be repaired and retested immediately
  4. Electronic Testing can be performed after cover systems are installed, such as green roofs
  5. Sloping roofs can be tested
  6. It does not create a hazard of structural overload
  7. Electronic Testing is environmentally preferred since very little water is required